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Danes Hall of Waupaca, LLC. holds a liquor license.  Per law, carry-ins of alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted. However, we do offer several options for the service of alcoholic beverages with no required minimums  


Open Bar 

An individual or organization hosting the function pays the guests’ beverages. Pricing is based on the actual consumption of alcohol, beer, wine and soft drinks. An 18% gratuity will be added to the final bar bill.  Tip jars may or may not be present depending on agreement.


Cash Bar

Guests within your group purchase their drinks individually.  Tip jars will be present.


Combination Bar 

Open Bar may be served for a specific time and/or dollar amount.  After that time and/or dollar amount, beverages may be served as a Cash Bar. An 18% gratuity will be added to the final bar bill for the Open Bar portion.  Tip jars may or may not be present during an Open Bar depending on agreement but will be present during a Cash Bar. 


Special Orders Bar

Non-stock items may be provided for the event if paid in full at least 21 days prior to the event.  If you wish to have champagne or wine toast for all your guests this will need to be special ordered.   A 18% gratuity will be added to all Special Orders.  Per law, no leftovers of alcohol may leave the property of the Danes Hall of Waupaca, LLC.  


Limited Beverage Bar 

You also have the option of only paying for specific beverages for your guests.  All other beverages will be a Cash Bar.  Tip jars will be present.


Location of Alcoholic Beverage Service

Danes Hall of Waupaca, LLC has bars available for service in the Ballroom and in the Granite Cellar.  Alcoholic beverages may be served at 1 or both locations.  


Bartender and Server Fees

Danes Hall of Waupaca, LLC will provide up to two bartenders per event at no additional charge.  Number of bartenders will be determined by the Business Manager of the Danes Hall based on your type of event and number of people expected to attend.  Each additional bartender and/or server will be provided at $20 per hour of the event plus one additional hour for set up and clean up.  (For example, if your event is for 4 hours with 1 bartender, you will pay for $20 for 5 hours or $100.)  One bartender is recommended for every 75 guests. 

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