The Historic
Danes Hall of Waupaca 
Where History and Hospitality Meet
 Frequently asked questions

Q.   Does Danes Hall provide parking?

A.   As a historic building, Danes Hall was built to accommodate parking for only TWO horse-drawn carrriages, tied to the street-side hitching posts. However, there are two City of Waupaca parking lots across Granite Street and Washington Street that offer free parking. There is also ample parking along North Main Street.

Q.  Is Danes Hall open for tours?

A.  You are always welcome to visit Danes Hall to experience its architecture and history.  Since the Hall is often booked for private and public events, we suggest calling us first so these events won't limit your tour.


Q.  Is there a fee for tours?

A.   No.  We want your visit to be "price-less"!!!

Q. Is Danes Hall accessible for visitors with limited mobility?

A.  Yes.  The primary entrance at the east side is directly accessible to the Main level.  An elevator inside this level is available for the convenience of visitors with limited mobility.

Q. What is the maximum capacity of Danes Hall?

A. The answer to this depends on the event, rooms required for the event, and seating arrangement.  Call us to discuss your event, seating arrangements and capacity.