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The Golden Age of Denmark (1800-1850) was a period of exceptional creativity in Denmark.  The arts thrived and Copenhagen's art academies were amongst the greatest of all Europe.  "Realistic" art depicted vistas of wealthy estates, grand buildings, and the noble class.


The second half of the 19th century was quite different.   In 1849, Denmark ushered in democracy under a constitutional monarchy.  As society changed, the arts changed.  Impressionism blossomed with paintings of common folks: fisherman, farmers, and rural rustic landscapes.

Most artwork at Danes Hall reflects this period, late 1800s, when the immigrant Danes were arriving in Wisconsin.   Denmark's most recognized painters in this era were the Skagen Painters (pronouced, skay-en), who met during the summer in Denmark's northernmost village of Skagen.  These impressionists' work featured seascapes, country landscapes, farmers, fisherman and women at working in the home and fields.


Danes Hall has several original paintings from this period, including several original works by the Skagen Painters.  Here are some examples of the Historic Artwork at Danes Hall.  Please click on the painting to find out more.

Johan Jen Neumann 

Thorvald Niss

Johannes Wilhjelm

Christian Blache

Carl Locher

Viggo Johansen

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