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High Winds on an Overcast Day

Christian Vigilius Blache (b. 1838 - d. 1920)

The sea!!! From the days of the Vikings to the present, Denmark is a nation defined by the seas.  Marine artists in Denmark were fascinated by the ever-changing dynamics of the seas, the skies, and the majesty of the sailing ships.  Christian Blache was a master marine artist.  His classic seascapes pull your eyes to a distant horizon, where the sky meets the water, and ships journey.

Blache studied art at the Royal Danish Academy of Fines Arts under the guidance of master marine artist C.F. Sorensen. He traveled extensively along Denmark's coasts, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, painting many award winning pieces. 

Blache was an early visitor to Skagen, the northernmost city in Denmark.  It was Blache's influence that drew Holger Drachmann to Skagen and soon the other artists followed and the community of Skagen Painters developed.

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