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A Winter Day in a Village in the Alp (1913)

Johannes Wilhjelm (b. 1868 - d. 1938)

The impressionistic style of the Skagen painters is seen in the broad and quick strokes in A Winter Day in a Village in the Alps.  The characteristic bright colors of Wilhjelm's works are demonstrated here in his wintery scene.  While the village is unknown, Wilhjelm was known to have traveled to Italy and this is likely his reflection on those travels.  As with most of Wilhjelms work, he includes people, here skiers heading out to the slope on a sunny day.  

Wilhjelms first visited Skagen in 1909 on the occasion of artist and mentor P.S. Kroyer's funeral.  He began painting in Skagen the following year and eventually bought a home which he fitted with a studio. Although not one of teh original Skagen Painters, he is considered one of the key artists to continue in the tradition of the Skagen masters. His works remain a key part fo the art collection at the Art Museum of Skagen.  

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