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German Warships in Convoy During World War I

Carl Locher (b. 1851 - d. 1915)

Most of Carl Locher's paintings are done with a realistic style.  On occasion, his paintings took on the impressionistic flare, with long broad strokes defining his scene.  One gets the sense of urgency in this painting, as if Locher was racing to finish this work as the convoy of German ships were rapidly passing through the seas.


Interestingly, unlike most of Locher's painting with sailing ships, these are modern naval steamships.  Although the painting is undated, World War I began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918.  Carl Locher died in Skagen on 20 December 1915 at the age of 64.  Therefore, this piece likely dates in Locher's final years.  

Although unsigned, this piece has been authenticate as a Carl Locher painting with provenance from Danish art dealer Viggo Berg of Skagen and Locher's closest relatives.

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